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Darlene Van de Grift, a Multidimensional Mediator, revisited her spiritual path over 30 years ago through rediscovering the art and science of self-discovery through meditation. As she continued looking within, Darlene also found that mindfulness could transport her out into the amazing vastness of our Universe and beyond. She learned to ride waves of energy into Realms of Infinite Possibility, gather data and return. It was mind-altering. Darlene was thrilled to collaborate with her internal, external and Cosmic realms to connect with inter-dimensional beings who openly shared their broadband of insights and knowledge. These connections have given Darlene powerful tools and deep insights in accessing Akashic Records, Past Lives, and clients personal Guidance in exploring their own spiritual journeys.


Darlene's formal education includes certification and/or teaching of Kinesiology, Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, Matrix Energetics, TFH, Intension Muscle Balancing,  Nutritional Counseling, Reconnection, plant medicine, and vibrational arts.

Darlene's evolutionary path again expanded when she was introduced to her Galactic Council of 28, asking to be called Blue Crystalline Lineage. These 28 Multidimensional beings include a variety of Galactic representation,  Masters and Teachers and Angelic beings.  They presented themselves 1 and 2 at a time over that 5-year span. The Council of 28's intention is to develop their own deeper relationships by sharing their history and recounting their prior timeline relationships with Darlene. The Council also co-created a process with Darlene intended to dissolve TimeLines and the illusion of time-based Past/Present/Future life issues (by integrating with the Darlene in her present TimeLine. Darlene sees her Council of 28 as being accessible to assist humans, along with themselves, with the evolutionary process of expanding our Multidimensional SELF, an acronym for Spiritually Evolved Light Force.