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Awakening the New Human:
Discovering the Truth of Who We Are

Darlene Van de Grift
Chrys Ingraham, Ph.D.

This book explores what it is to be human and becoming our fullest potential.

"As long as we live in the denial of non-dominant knowledge, past lives, or multidimensional experiences, or evidence of the existence of other worlds, we are doomed to create a cumulative karmic reality that manifests as an unconscious state of calamity and chaos while we continue to live in the debris from other timelines.  It is this condition of existence that makes drama. How we come to know ourselves in this context and where we live in a state of consciousness that is open and awake to reaching beyond the 4% is where we begin this book.  It is our hope that we can suggest ways to integrate our lives with the universe that holds our past, present and future timelines.

Timelines - Incomplete energies of thought, work, deed that continues to exist and assists in creating Karma


New Book - 2020

Both of these books features Darlene in her abilities to connect to one's Internal Guidance as well as her indepth relationships with other dimensional beings.