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In April 2019, I received a series of related questions from the group that meets monthly at Sage in Woodstock, NY. The questions were addressed to V (my future self from the year 2350 on Earth) who quickly convened a meeting in the council room. I attended the meeting. My observations are shown in purple italics. 






Council Room:
Several troops dressed in red uniforms have entered and positioned themselves at the entrance of the council room and around the council table.

A group of eight unfamiliar beings are entering and seating themselves around the council table. They appear human with pale white skin and short blond haircuts. They are tall, at least 6 feet, and dressed in shades ranging from white to blue. Their gender is not apparent and their energy is centered and confident.

I understand that the red troops are of artificial intelligence (AI) and consider themselves SOULdiers. They have accompanied the group of eight to provide protection by benevolently imparting a peaceful state of mind among those present should any conflict arise. They will protect and monitor certain meetings.

The members of the audience are few, maybe half a dozen are scattered around the room. Each one holographically represents an Earth human in any of the various dimensional states that we participate in, such as dreaming, journeying, and astral projecting. There are not as many as I might have expected given the surprisingly large contingent of new guests today.

I’m told by one of the eight beings that the size of the audience is representative of the interest that humans have in knowing the truth of many things. If that is the case, we do not appear to be very curious at this point in the meeting.

V begins by introducing the eight and asking them to answer questions raised by the Sage group. She says it was important to obtain the answers directly from the source of her information and not from a third party.

All eight silently stand, nod, then sit. They are closing their eyes as if in connection to an outside source or maybe something else. It appears similar to humans holding hands in prayer before a meal.


V will voice the questions during this session. There is a moment of silence, eyes close briefly, and then all eyes open. I think the eight are functioning as one unit. The group of eight speak. (Their words are shown here in purple italics.)


We represent the Law of One. We hold the energetic pattern of bringing into human consciousness that which was your original birthright.

Question: How might humanity best approach some of the more challenging issues we face, such as the following seven issues?

1.  Our troublesome hero-worship and “genetic / inbred" need to defer to authority or at least expect authority to lead us out of any problem they create for us. “Please save us from ourselves. Please disarm us.”

You were created to have your own authority, make your own decisions, and carry forth actions based on integrity, love, and harmony. It is well known that your species has been compromised to expect an authority outside of yourselves to provide your sustenance and care. You have allowed that compromise to influence several generations, which disables them from making their own decisions. Many humans believe what they are told which diminishes their own authenticity.

WE are committed to having humans revert back to claiming the voice, authority, and heart that was given to them.

There is silence as their eyes close again.

You as a species are caught in the influence of generational lies and misleading information that is now ingrained in your genetic matter. You have learned that your DNA has been “dumbed down” and that this is the reason you are in the present situation. The truth is that your DNA is not stationary. It is in flux most of the time. By believing that you are at a disadvantage by having your DNA dumbed down, you give up the belief that shifting your DNA can happen.  

WE are here to tell you that the idea that your DNA is concrete and immovable, which gives the impression of no hope to shift, is false. But this is not what holds the dumbing-down in place. Instead, it is your experiences, timelines, and karma that make you believe that you have no choice when it comes to shifting your authority back to its origin, which is your SELF.

WE encourage you to awaken to who you are and what you are capable of. Embrace your own authority by dismissing those who insist they are your authority and preventing them from ruling over you. Rising to each occasion to claim your independence is how to ensure the shift in authority on your planet. You are by no means trapped in the paradigm of needing an authority over you, especially if that authority is not for the Greater Good.

2.  Our divisiveness, and the inbred acceptance of the prejudices that our overlords programmed into us: racial, ethnic, religious, appearance, wealth, education, etc.

You must remember that in the Law of One, we are all one and the same. Therefore, what happens in your world also happens in ours to some extent, and vice versa. We experience our own evolution and have had “cosmic collisions” with cultures and species that don't respect each other. You have been told this is called war. We consider it a collision. The collisions we experience affect you because you share our DNA. WE ARE ONE. 

There are several factions that have increased their aggressiveness toward others in several of the dimensions where humans participate. This affects what you are seeing on your planet at this time.

You also release timelines without using the full power of your intention. So you continue to get caught up again in the pattern or timeline of what was. Humans, as we interpret your evolution, often become stuck or absorbed into timelines or dimensions that have personal attachment to you. You act those out, sometimes without even knowing who you are.

You feel like the world is insane around you because you haven’t claimed authority over your own life and independence. You are at a disadvantage by not knowing how to discern whether what is happening around you is in the present or the past. This is all part of waking up.

Ask of yourself and others why they believe as they do. What is the basis of their beliefs and actions? If nothing else, it may spark curiosity so that the shift can begin.

You are also being used by other forces to create chaos and division. When humans are kept in chaos, there is no motivation to create, be curious, challenge, or take action. You have to dig deep to hold onto your belief of the Greater Good, to speak from your heart, to challenge authority that isn’t in alignment with the ONE, and to take right action when needed.

3.  Our unwillingness to accept that humanity has been lied to about everything… our history, our abilities, our genetics, our galactic family, our galactic presence, our enemies, false flags, and our hidden technology. (Mark Twain: It’s easier to fool a man than to convince him he has been fooled.” So true!)

WE know that humans do not easily accept failure or feeling “less than.” WE and others, both on your planet and elsewhere, have taken on the mission to expose that which has manipulated you to believe in false truths. That mission is in process and will continue, leaving no stone unturned. This is necessary not only for humanity’s sake but also for your home planet as she is in the pangs of distress because of the lies. WE as ONE cannot tolerate this injustice being done to one of our own. You as humans were given choice in all that you experience. Your home as Earth was chosen and she agreed to host those experiences. It is now her time to voice her own choice and she is mindfully doing so.

It might be simpler to explain that what is happening in your experience is a phenomenon. It has never before happened in the history of mankind or in the Cosmic Consciousness. Humans are a complex version of all dimensions and multiple expressions of SELF, having experienced lifetimes of incomplete missions, relationships, and spiritual growth. That incompleteness is breaking through the boundaries that were set up to ensure that karma and reincarnation would keep the cycle of humans intact. These dimensions also include us, as inter-dimensional beings existing along with you as part of you, existing all at the same time. You are now experiencing a bleeding-through of the veils of separation.

These veils are diminishing because of the natural cycles that your planet and others have experienced over millions of years. You are not the only species waking up. Everything is aligned for this shift to happen in this time period. Humans, other dimensional beings, planets, stars, and suns are all in the same process. It is truly phenomenal to know that we are creating the ONE that was set in place long before time began.

WE all have agreements and contracts to move forward, to release the old, to operate in flux, to support what can be supported, to trust who we are, to maintain integrity in all we do, and to love others.

When you see others acting out the lies, holding tightly to what is comfortable to them, intentionally create the space for them to let go. It is not for you to decide how or when. Offering them peace in finding their way assists more than you know.



4.  The physical contamination of our bodies and brains, our food, water, air, soil, and “medicine" which sickens and kills us and our families and has created genetic and psychological damage and trauma that is being genetically passed on to future generations.

The eight are silent now, eyes closed. V is silent.

WE know this is a continuing problem for humans and other beings living on Earth. As mentioned prior, we are working with others on a mission to expose this. The continuing contamination and reliance on medications to ensure wealth for some are all part of the exposure.

WE know you may feel like you are drowning in the lies and control of your environment and physicality. WE are here to support your knowing that you will continue to survive and thrive again. Our hearts are with you in the dilemma of what is occurring within and around you.  

A few have their eyes closed whereas others are looking around as if they have just woken up. They are still seated and I’m seeing their images vaguely reflected on the table. The images are holographically shifting now in appearance to primitive humans inflicting violence upon one another.

WE assure you that you did not come from violence. In some of the experiments that were done upon humans, their minds were contaminated with diseased thoughts, accentuating their choices towards destruction of others and the planet. You are experiencing the generational effects of those diseased thoughts.

The image on the table now changes to show experimentation upon humans and others, done by various beings. Some experimentation was done for research purposes, while others were done to ensure that humans would follow, not lead.

Your biological systems were corrupted to ensure domestication, whereas others wanted to ensure destruction. One way to do that was to degrade the integrity of your body. If you have less strength, energy, and thoughts, you are more easily controlled. There were times in your evolution that humans prevailed in their capacity to lead themselves. WE trust that you will do that once again.

Why do you think we close our eyes before conversing with you?

WE are connecting with each other. Our words and our harmony are intentionally creating what comes forth for you to understand. Humans have lost the significance of intention. Many are mindless about food, what they take in energetically, and what they are told to ingest such as medicines.

If you mindfully ingest something that will pass through your physical body and you trust what your body says it wants and doesn’t want, you will be in a better position of health. You have choice over what you ingest  emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Discerning what is beneficial or not is part of awakening. Bless your medicine before ingesting it, mindful of what it is helping when it is necessary for survival.

Humans have turned over their authority to others including physicians, educators, and religious pro-claimers for reasons of lack of curiosity and discernment. WE encourage you to gather your intelligence and choose wisely anything that promotes your health and well-being so that your body is in alignment with your choice.

Your physical form is designed to replenish itself with good choices of sustenance. You can turn around the negative effects of many of the issues with the soil, air, food, and chemicals that surround you.

The image on the table now changes to people wearing white hazmat suits.

In the event that you encounter substances that are harmful to your physical form, we offer you the image of a “spiritual” suit of protection. Avoid areas of contamination to honor your body and remember that your intention is a key to aligning with what you ingest.

5.  Our high anxiety/stress of chaotic, ever-changing, daily life created by evil design, so that we are unable to find any time to care or even focus on these significant impediments to our uniting together to wipe out evil and join our galactic family.

It is true that you are experiencing chaotic nodes that keep you trapped, losing your way, becoming lost in the confusion of drama, and disengaging from who you are. There are many levels of involvement that you are not aware of on every dimension.

Again, you are experiencing the same shifts that all of us are dealing with. WE all know that change is imminent, knowing that the change will be for the Greater Good. That means letting go, releasing, and sometimes sacrificing to ensure the outcome will promote the longevity of the human race.

Evil is not what we would call it, as that term promotes fear and resistance. It is a polarity of light to dark. Both function together in all aspects of the cosmos. Without it, there would be no experience of growth.  As we see your world in a state of flux, the chaos is also part of what affects you internally.

Dialogue with your inner voice, which can be your connection to your other dimensional selves who are there to assist you in knowing what to release that is not yours, what you do not have control over, and what is old and useless. Through intention of the vision, you can impact the world that WE and others hold for you… a divine state of order where the ONE can create and maintain a life of peace!

That is not to say that the polarity of light to dark will no longer exist but the dark will not be violence, war, pestilence, and death. Darkness was designed to be a gentle reminder of what life is without light. Both light and dark have value. As it stands today, they are out of balance for many reasons including the choices made for you and by you. That is why there is rectification in process.

6.  The orchestrated destruction of our habitat / biosphere by those in control, and the mind-controlled population who truly accepts that it is we who are guilty and fully responsible for the destruction because of our selfish and insatiable need for the comforts and conveniences of modern life.

All eight have their eyes open, staring, then gently closing them. I’m not sure if the question was alarming or if they tuned into something.

WE as ONE will not allow the destruction of our sister and your home. The Earth is in full control after waking up to the fact that her generosity is not being reciprocated. WE trust in her decisions even if that affects those inhabiting her.

WE encourage those who are waking to the ONE to connect to the planet that supported you for millennia. The Earth will clean herself once the inhabitants have shifted their consciousness and the truth has emerged.

There will be many who choose to leave during that time. They will realize they cannot exist because of the changes. WE at the same time will have balanced the scales of light and dark in our own dimensions.

Humans must realize that during this time of cosmic shifts, staying disengaged from the chaos that surrounds you is of utmost importance so that you can:
A.  Address and speak for who you are
B.  Continue to maintain neutrality within and without
C.  Use your intention for the Greater Good
D.  Realize that you have choice even at the times it may not appear so
E.  Join with us in mediation, mindfulness, prayer, and union for what WE know to be the greatest gift given to Mankind and the Cosmic Collective… a new beginning!



7.  Babylonian money magic: the ancient spells on money and other forms of currency, such as precious metals, crypto, etc., which keep most people in a “poverty” of mind and existence.  

Humans have been convinced through the centuries of money magic that money is a necessity of life. It brings about violence and division across the planet. WE in our lives pass energy between us, a give-and-take, an agreement with no restrictions or thoughts of disharmony. Because we share the life of ONE, this works for us.

Equality exists for us but not in the way that everyone is the same. WE all have qualities that are ours alone but they are not distinguished as being better or less than. There is no poverty. We share.

Your democracy has been tainted by those who want control over the masses. The governments of today are not in agreement over who or what is the best for everyone because to them there is only one and that is themselves. Money has no value as it stands today. It will continue to be diminished as the evolution of cause and effect gets played out, leaving those who believe they have riches to find out that not only are they not rich and not in control but that they have no alternative resources to try and gain their position back.

Money is a mind-set. Instead, focus on the wealth of who you are, where you originated from, and what is your intention moving forward. You have heard it before: money is energy. If you are inspirational in your own life, loving your life and what it has to offer, rid yourself of any beliefs that interfere with your knowing that you will be enough and will therefore have enough. Your focus of “not enough” in any area creates “not enough” money.

One of the biggest lies you’ve been told is that money must exist to keep in place the checks and balances of governments and societies. Money in actuality promotes division and ensures that those who created it will control the masses.

Keeping humans believing that their value is dependent on financial gains was not generated by a change to your DNA but simply because you believed it.

Disconnect from the belief of “not enough”. You can still be happy when you don’t have much. You can find joy in the daily living of relationships, family, work, and contribution. Money will appear more abundantly when it is free and not confined by worry.

Be kind to others and be present in your life. Let your energy be vibrant and be seen as such. It is your underlying spiritual energy that promotes the feeling of having and being more and the actuality of having more. Remind others that life is more than money and possessions.

The meeting is complete. V nods in gratitude for the presence of the eight holding the Law of One.

As I look up into the audience now, the seats are full! It is an overwhelming comfort to know that we are watched over and that what we are experiencing in our lives today is of interest to our star brothers and sisters.