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2-4-6 Meditation

     This meditation of 246 was given to a small group of friends four years ago to use for clearing purposes and to reconnect to  and rejuvenate their DNA. Since that it has expanded to being widely used by many of my clients and groups.  It is the knowing of the Council of 28 that in the clearing process you are more open to receive the gifts the Universe and what Guidance may have for you.  Inviting in the possibilities of connecting to your Multidimensional Selves.

     There was a similar process in Atlantean times when clearing was necessary to reprogram a species for up leveling.  Accountability is utmost in becoming aware and preparing SELF (Spiritually Evolved Light Force) for the next evolution.  The 246 takes the shedding of the old, energetically giving back to the universe what is to be recycled.  In that way it is transformed and returned, differently with an energy of light, to fill the void of what was relinquished.  The Council of 28’s desire and belief is the generating of 2-4-6 will create a significant evolutionary step toward knowing the truth of all that you are.

     The technology of Atlantean and Lemurian times have replicated their individual Transformation Chamber to the 246.  The original technology consisted of crystals, sound and a viscous substance that when the being was submerged would create an alchemy to remove timelines or their life patterns. The physical form did not have to die, as you believe today, in order to obtain a revitalized, fresh existence.  The Chamber would upgrade the physical form into another existence without the baggage. WE, as off world beings were at that time also attempting to alleviate the karmic effect that we were experiencing within humans.

     The sound of that you will hear in the background of this mediation is crystal bowls, designed to subconsciously invite the energy to the surface to be released.


     The combination of Ho Oponopono ( I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and Thank you) combined prior to doing the 246 meditation generates a deeper outcome  of transformation. If you are not familiar with Ho Oponopono, I would suggest Googling the history. This meditation has many parts that are automatically put in place when 246 is accessed. Lovingly held in place by the Council for its duration so that you can focus on your individual process.  Shamans use the technique of dreaming in the future and 246 tremendously contributes to that.

      In this audio you will be instructed to use the 246 in a group setting, sending energy counterclockwise around the group. You can also do this solo and invite energetically for others to join you in the process of circulating the energy counterclockwise. In doing so you do not need to know who is joining you, rather, feeling the dynamics of a group energy is used to accentuate the process. If you are working within a group each individual releases into the process which is on the recording.